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    Pro X10 Users in Biotrust Nutrition 12 Week Body Transformation Results

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    This purpose of this press release is to inform readers that Biotrsust.com’s 12 Week Body Transformation Results have now been updated to Dana Jackson’s website www.Pure-Health.org. Dana has also completely updated her website with new diverse information and a completely re-worked and re-written review on the nutritional and weight loss supplement from Biotrust called Pro X10

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    Dana Jackson of Pure-Health.org stated regarding the latest Biotrust.com 12 week body transformation challenge “Many of the people who took part in the challenge used the highly efficient probiotic supplement called Pro X10 as part of their regimen, they got awesome results, and we have their before and after pictures, and real life stories, to prove it”.

    Dana goes onto explain, that Pro X10 is a probiotic that is designed to help people lose weight, through the addition of beneficial bacteria to their digestive system. Many people have relied on Biotrust Nutrition to help them lose unwanted pounds, while also reducing bowel inflammation and leaky gut syndrome. Those who are interested in finding out more about how Biotrust can help with this debilitating condition, please visit www.Pure-Health.org to see real results from users, who have completed the “12-Week Biotrust Body Transformation Challenge”.

    Dana Jackson, the site’s owner, has recently completely re-written and rebuilt this section of the site, to reflect the latest updates from Biotrust. So now readers can access real and recent reviews, from actual users of Biotrust Pro X10.

    Visitors can see “before and after” pictures, of men, and women, who completed the challenge. Additionally, they can find out more about the technical aspects of the product itself, and how it works, by watching the clearest videos on the subject Dana Jackson has come across.

    Dana has also organized a section of completely new material, in order to provide visitors with more diverse information about all aspects of probiotics in general, and not just Pro x10. Jackson states, “ if you want know anything about, or do additional research on, probiotics and/or Biotrust Pro X10, then Pure-Health.org will be a great point of reference for you.” During the past 12 months, Biotrust has built relationships with thousands of happy customers, who have relied on their products to help them achieve weight loss success, and improve their overall health. They have also built up a solid reputation within the weight loss and supplement industry, and are now considered to be leaders in the area of weight reduction. To order Biotrust Pro X10, or to simply find out more about it, go to www.Pure-Health.org.

    About the Company: Pure-Health.org is a leading supplier of weight loss supplement news, reviews, research and associated information. The owner, Dana Jackson strives to provide a wealth of information in order to help people choose the weight loss supplement and associated regimen that is right for them. While the site is designed to provide information about weight loss and natural supplements, it is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice.

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    "Promote Bowel Regularity, Reduce GI Inflammation, And Support Intestinal Health—All While Accelerating Your Fat Loss With This Little-Known, Simple Trick"
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