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    Rare U.S. Military Special Forces’ Survival Food Now Available to Public

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    Freeze Dry Guy, a U.S. veteran owned Emergency Preparedness and Outdoor Food company announces it has landed a deal to be the exclusive supplier of the current issue of 2013 U.S. Government Overruns of Long Range Patrol Rations (LRPs). Rarely available to the American public, this superb field ration is used mainly on longer term field missions by U.S. Special Forces is highly sought after by current and former military members, preparedness buffs (known as “preppers”), and outdoor enthusiasts.

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    Grass Valley, CA. January 29, 2014 – It’s not a secret any more. The longest running “secret weapon” field ration of U.S. Military Special Forces can now be carried on the backs and shelves of American citizens. A limited supply of Long Range Patrol Rations, also known as LRP Rations, or “Lurps,” is now available for the disaster “Grab & Go” bags, or long-term emergency food storage supplies of preparedness-minded civilians.

    This rare public opportunity comes because Oregon Freeze Dry, the sole manufacturer of these freeze dried foods for the U.S. Military, has granted veteran-owned company, Freeze Dry Guy, the exclusive rights for this limited supply from a 2013 overrun of Long Range Patrol Ration Entrees. “The LRP is the longest running military ration in operation today,” says John Ostrin, OFD Government Sales Manager. “It is a top notch quality product proven for more than 45 years.”

    LRP Ration entrees offer a variety of delicious meals from Beef Stew to Mexican Rice & Chicken, Spaghetti, Scrambled Eggs with Bacon, and more. Yet, it’s not just the great taste loaded with essential nutritional value for soldiers which creates Lurp Lovers. Shaped like brick pads weighing only 4 or 5 ounces, LRPs yield 21 ounces of food. Saving space while on the run is critical for U.S. Special Forces, as well as civilians. “These meals are lightweight, compact, and really easy to prepare by just adding water,” says Kenny Larson, OFD Marketing Coordinator. “Even kids love eating them. They’re great for uses ranging from emergency preparedness to camping.”

    The emergency preparedness movement across the United States has quickly become a booming multi-million dollar industry. Americans recognizing the need to be ready has grown continually with recent disasters such as the September 11th attacks, Hurricane Katrina, Super Storm Sandy, and countless other examples of today’s uncertain world. The U.S. Federal Government, as well as states and cities promote September’s National Preparedness Month as part of year-round awareness plans. “Doomsday Preppers” is a highly popular TV show on cable. People are tuning in to the real world as it is. Thus, an increasing number of Americans know having a supply of survival items such as water, freeze dried food with a shelf life of decades, and other household goods is a life-saving action to take.

    “We’re thrilled the ol’ Special Forces Trooper who runs our company made it possible for people to get a rare shot at these Long Range Patrol Rations,” says Jim Schumann, General Manager of Freeze Dry Guy. “Our 2 companies have a robust history which goes back to the beginning of LRP Rations,” says Alise Barnes, OFD Sales Account Executive. “The Freeze Dry Guy gets the background of soldiers and like-minded civilians. He understands LRPs and believes in them passionately as we do.”

    About Freeze Dry Guy

    Since 1970, Freeze Dry Guy is a trusted American Veteran owned company specializing in freeze dried food, dehydrated food, and other supplies for emergency preparedness and outdoor recreational uses like backpacking, sailing, and RV travel. Based in Grass Valley, California, it serves customers across America and around the world.


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    We’re thrilled the ol’ Special Forces Trooper who runs our company made it possible for people to get a rare shot at these Long Range Patrol Rations.
    - Jim Schumann
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