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    Realistic Expectations are Key to Cosmetic Surgery Benefits: Dr. Cara Downey

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    Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Cara Downey discusses the benefits of Cosmetic Surgery and the importance of starting out with Realistic Expectations. As a patient, the number one thing to consider before cosmetic surgery should be, “What is my expectation and what is the reality?”

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    There can be numerous benefits to having a cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure done, both physical and psychological. Some patients seek plastic surgery out of necessity for health reasons but many have elective cosmetic procedures done to enhance their physical appearance. There are many reasons people may feel a need to have cosmetic surgery, whether it’s a quick “In Office” treatment or a complete “Mommy Makeover”.

    With a dramatic increase in sharing personal images on numerous public websites it appears more people are becoming even more conscious of their own appearance and more are seeking some form of cosmetic surgery procedure to enhance their looks. One study done by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) in March 2014 indicates social media may play a role in the recent increase in rhinoplasty, hair transplants and eyelid surgery with almost three quarters of all cosmetic procedures done in 2013 being minimally invasive.

    A person’s perception of how they look has a big impact on how they feel. Some individuals have suffered through emotional trauma from bullying or teasing about their appearance and believe cosmetic surgery may be at least a partial answer to their low self esteem issues or lack of confidence. Many people feel a positive difference psychologically after having cosmetic surgery. Whatever the purpose for cosmetic surgery, whether it’s out of necessity or simply to improve one’s appearance, having a realistic expectation of the outcome is key to success for the patient.

    Dr. Downey believes it is critically important for her patients to fully recognize most cosmetic surgery procedures make relatively small changes to a person’s appearance and do not completely change the overall looks of an individual. One of Dr. Downey’s requirements when seeing a new patient is to have a consultation to help determine the reason for the procedure and make sure the patient does understand the risks as well as the potential rewards. In addition, Dr. Downey states, “To get the best results, you should have the procedure done for your own reasons and for yourself alone. It should never be done to please another person or as a way of fitting into a particular image.”

    Dr. Downey’s office is conveniently located in the heart of the Houston Galleria Area at 2500 West Loop 610 South, Suite 150, Houston, TX 77027. She is privileged to operate at several facilities in the Houston Medical Center and throughout the greater Houston area including Sugarland and North Houston as a plastic surgeon.

    For further information or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cara Downey call her office at 713-496-2427, email to [email protected] or visit the Downey Plastic Surgery website at http://www.houstonplasticsurgery.pro/

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