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    RedLine Garagegear’s Garage Business Opportunity Unlike The Average Franchise

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    Powder coated wood garage cabinets manufacturer, RedLine garagegear, offers local business owners an appealing garage business opportunity that has all the upsides of the franchise model and none of the downsides.

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    The franchise model offers many positive benefits that have helped hundreds of business owners achieve success, like: national brand recognition; rock solid support; thorough and comprehensive standard operating procedures; and so on. It can also be said; however, that the franchise model has held others back from achieving their full potential due to things like: expensive startup costs; ridiculous monthly royalties; inventory purchase order requirements, corporate meddling; and a number of other things.

    When setting up its Garage Cabinets Dealer Program, RedLine garagegear used the franchise model as a guide to create, what they feel, is a much better deal for the local business owner / entrepreneur.

    Unlike a number of the other garage business opportunities available, local dealers of RedLine garagegear garage cabinets do not have to pay any upfront franchise fees or royalties and are free to market their business however they see fit. RedLine establishes protected sales territories for each of its dealers to prevent internal competition and overlap.

    They also provide a surprisingly high level of hands on customer support; an area many manufacturers and suppliers are glaringly deficient in. The company recently released a new blog post that explains some of the advantages its dealer program offers over the franchise model.

    “From the very beginning we knew our garage cabinets and storage systems would be best sold in a local showroom setting by business owners who live and have a vested interest in the local area,” said Bill Garrity, RedLine garagegear’s Director of Sales and Research. “So with that in mind, we made it our goal to develop an agent program that offers the benefits and support of the franchise model, but doesn’t stifle the business owner’s ability to run their business the way they want to.”

    RedLine garagegear continues to add new dealers each year and its sales continue to increase year over year as well. There are currently approximately 100 RedLine agents operating in local areas throughout the U.S. and Canada.

    Another huge benefit for RedLine dealers is there are no inventory requirements to be a part of the program. Even though the local agent has no inventory, lead times are still only 3-5 business days.

    RedLine garagegear has also invested heavily in the development of their 3D design and pricing software. The 3D design software allows the dealer to create a very realistic storage system design for their customers. The pricing software lets dealers provide customers with a cost estimate seamlessly and efficiently.

    The cabinets themselves boast an impressive number of features that include: a powder coat finish available in 11 colors; more than 500 cabinet options; easy assembly; dovetailed birch drawer boxes with full extension slides; heavy duty hardware; and an industry leading lifetime warranty. The exceptional product combined with the all the benefits of the Garage Cabinets Dealer Program certainly make this an attractive option for anyone looking to add to an existing product line or start a new business.

    “For us it’s not just about our bottom line,” said RedLine garagegear President, Troy Greenberg. “What we really want is to provide as much support as possible to our local agents so that they can grow and be successful; which in turn helps us grow and be successful.”

    Local entrepreneurs interested in a garage business opportunity are encouraged to visit www.RedLineGaragegear.com to learn more about the company and the products they offer.

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    For us it’s not just about our bottom line. What we really want is to provide as much support as possible to our local agents so that they can grow and be successful; which in turn helps us grow and be successful.
    - Troy Greenberg
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