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    Rodney Rice offers Revolutionary Adaptive Motion Trainer Presented By Fitness Expo

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    Fitness Expo recently presented the Revolutionary Adaptive Motion Trainer. There’s nothing more effective workout than using a fitness trainer that can adapt any range of workout motions.

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    Fitness Expo has been developing innovative workout equipment for more than thirty years and it continues to be the leading advocate of inventing workout equipment that is carefully designed with convenience and efficiency in mind. The latest Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT) is the latest addition of advanced workout equipment at Fitness Expo. The equipment, specifically the AMT 835, is now up for grabs in the leading fitness stores for home use and for use at top fitness centers. This model has been receiving a lot of good reviews, particularly in providing complete low-impact workout and offering complete freedom of motion. The need for programming to adjust different speeds and strides is the thing of the past as AMT 835 automatically customizes your movement.

    The AMT 835 Adaptive Motion Trainer is being offered by the leading fitness centers for exercises at professional level such as deep lunge, stair climbing, walking and running. This trainer can be conveniently used at home and the leading fitness centers are also recommending this trainer to their members. Machine programming is not needed, so the user can workout without stopping or pushing buttons. The AMT 835 allows the user to complete an entire workout program easily and quickly. This machine is designed to give low-impact workout for both beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts.

    The AMT 835 is just one of the many high quality workout equipments being offered by Fitness Expo. The other highly recommended workout trainers include rowers, bikes, ellipticals and treadmills. They are available for home use and for commercial use. Fitness Expo has been committed in offering premium customer service. In line with this commitment, it offers delivery, installation, professional fitness consultants and a certified service center for the maintenance of any Fitness Expo exercise equipment. One of the facilities that express satisfaction is Nicholls State University, which has long been counted on the professionals at Fitness Expo for setting up fitness center and workout equipment.

    Fitness Expo was founded by Rice family in 1980 with the goal to offer the best possible equipment for residential use and commercial use. Fitness Expo has been leading the industry for the past thirty years by offering high quality equipment and excellent customer service. Along with the highest level of degree in designing workout equipment, the family business also offers professional advice to leading fitness centers and to people who want to set up fitness equipment at home.

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