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    Saudi Songstress, TamTam performs at BOU Gala to Promote US-Arab Relations

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    Saudi-born singer/songwriter, TamTam will perform at the Bridges of Understanding Dinner in Honor of internationally renowned Lebanese Designer Reem Acra. TamTam will sing her single Gender Game which promotes gender equality around the globe.

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    TamTam is a Saudi Arabian-born singer/songwriter who recently relocated to Los Angeles in an effort to connect with the Hollywood music scene. TamTam will be performing and releasing the music video for her new hit single “Gender Game”, a song devoted to her struggle for self-expression in a region with rampant gender inequality.

    As a female artist born and raised in the Middle East, TamTam has found purpose in delivering a message of global equality for women through music. “I am very grateful for everything that my country (Saudi Arabia) has provided for me and I deeply value our traditions.” Tamtam said.

    “Gender Game and this performance is not about rejecting those ideas, it’s about understanding them. It’s about having the freedom to make your own choices.” As a philanthropist, she is working closely with the Maram Foundation, a refugee camp that provides resources and food for displaced families from Syria.

    As part of her partnership with the foundation, TamTam has lent her support as one of the Executive Producers of a feature film based on true events in the war torn country.  "Because we're in development, I can't say much about the project, but the script is a wonderful story that truly captures the human elements of the conflict there. These displaced people need global support."

    Bridges of Understanding is a foundation devoted to fostering a healthy relationship between the American people and people of the Arab world. Through the creation of youth-focused programs and involving creative thinkers and artists, the foundation aims to provide education and awareness about this hyper-relevant issue.

    Recently playing shows in NY, DC and LA, TamTam is exicted to return to New York for the Gala event. The Building Bridges Award dinner on Wednesday, October 15th, 2014 will be held in honor of entrepreneur and fashion designer, Reem Acra. “During this time of unrest in the Arab World, the work of Bridges of Understanding is more important than ever.” The foundation notes. “As a designer, her vision and impeccable execution further the reputation of Lebanon and the Arab World as a collective influencing force in Western couture and beyond — shaping global perceptions of beauty and artistry. In short, she exemplifies how fashion has the power to bridge cultures and communities.”

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    "It’s about having the freedom to make your own choices."
    - TamTam
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