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    Yes 2 Mist by Marine Essentials is the Next Wave of Sexual Performance Enhancement

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    Yes 2 Mist is formulated with the quality ingredients known to boost and stimulate both male and female sexual drive. Using this potent formula daily as well as right before sex can dramatically increase performance and pleasure right away. Plus the experience can build and get better over the next few weeks with daily use as directed

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    The average libido among adult persons is being compromised daily by a poor diet, stressful lifestyles and other factors that can be easily corrected with a nutrient mist or spray, says Chicago based company Marine Essentials. The firm has released Yes 2 Mist as part of its commitment to bringing sublingual and mist delivery products to the market that restore human vitality in several respects. Use of a mist spray is considered especially helpful for the purposes of restoring healthy sex drive, since the form of ingestion can get needed nutrients into the bloodstream closer to the time when a subject may desire it for romantic sessions.

    The formula was developed by a PhD biochemist, and delivers a proprietary mix of vitamins and herbal compounds in spray form, to be administered four times daily for best effects. The company notes the spray “puts the nutrients in you within seconds - when you need it - no waiting.  Using this potent formula daily as well as right before sex can dramatically increase performance and pleasure right away.”  It is believed that this faster formal delivery is effective because the impact of even the most common vitamins is much more profoundly felt, and positively impacts sexual performance, once directly put into the bloodstream.

    Yes 2 Mist is designed to be convenient and effective for improving both the male and female sex drive, given that it is nutritionally offsetting the deficits in the diet and lifestyle of both genders.  The company cites that the most immediate effects are an increase in sensation and feeling as result of the ingredients improving the body's blood circulation and endocrine (hormone) release metabolisms.  Marine Essentials has reported that the experience builds and can get better over several weeks when used each day as directed.

    The compounds are in particular expected to improve a man's "staying power" and a woman’s sensitivity to physical stimulation. The company has announced it is continuing the promotion of this product through Amazon and shopping.marineessentials.com web campaigns, and has received good feedback from customers regarding its effect on their performance.

    Marine Essentials is a reputable brand of oral mist products and health supplements and many people have seen the benefits of the products that the company makes.

    10% Savings. Those interested in experiencing the benefits of Yes 2 Mist Spray can get a 10% discount today at the Amazon Webstore by visiting http://www.amazon.com/shops/marineessentials. To receive a 10% discount on any Yes 2 Mist Spray package, enter coupon code YESMST14 at checkout.

    For further information about Yes 2 Mist Spray, please visit http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00GM2H7II or http://shopping.marineessentials.com/yes-2-mist/

    Contact: Ed O’Keefe Company: Marine Essentials Website: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00GM2H7II Address: 1808 W. 103rd Street, Chicago, Illinois Tel. No.: 877-436-3824 Fax No.: 773-779-3471 Email: [email protected]


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