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    Smede Marketing Productions Launches HD Video Tours for Idaho Realtors

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    Smede Marketing Services now provides HD video tours and promotional services to Idaho Realtors to help them better serve their clients. Video tours help buyers researching properties online and Realtors more effectively market properties.

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    Video is quickly becoming a primary source of information for real estate buyers searching for properties online. Well over 90% of home buyers use the internet to research properties before they buy. Statistics from a joint study by Google and National Association of Realtors indicate that 70% of consumers want to view listing videos/tours.

    Video tours help Realtors sell listings faster. A recent poll finds that real estate listings with videos received 403% more inquiries than those without videos. Video tours have proven to be a time saving tool for Realtors as well. A video tour allows Realtors to preview and qualify properties with clients before spending time physically touring properties.

    On the listing side of the business, video tours help realtors list more properties. According to Mashable.com 73% of homeowners say they’re more likely to list with a realtor offering to do videos.

    In addition, Google tends to rank video content higher in search results. Blog posts with video content and YouTube videos are more likely to be found by buyers searching for properties. Sellers also benefit because video tours create self-qualified buyers. In turn, that means fewer tours by people who ultimately would not be interested in buying the seller’s home. So, sellers spend fewer hours preparing homes for showings and are more likely to have their home shown to better qualified buyers.

    In addition to producing video tours, Smede Production Services has partnered with Applied Marketing Group to provide promotional services. Applied Marketing Group will manage the website at www.idahoproperetyimages.com where video tours are featured and promote videos on YouTube and other social media. The partnership allows Smede Marketing Productions to offer top quality video production and highly effective promotional services to realtors at the same time.

    Realtors wanting to know more about the video tour services should contact Smede Marketing Productions by phone at 208-461-2026 or via the website at www.idahopropertyimages.com

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    Now in addition to the professional photography we provide Realtors for ads, brochures, slide shows and MLS listings, we can help Realtors market properties better with HD video tours. Real estate buyers like and want to see high quality videos of properties. Our HD video tours help Realtors meet that demand and serve their clients better.
    - Dan Smede
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