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    SRG Solves Worker’s Compensation Fraud Case Los Angeles County

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    Among its many functions, Specialized Resource Group also investigates worker’s compensation fraud cases. Recently, a Los Angeles company hired SRG and investigators were able to obtain evidence of substantial worker’s compensation fraud on the part of an employee.

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    January 6, 2013--Los Angeles, California--Specialized Resource Group is an elite company of Los Angeles private investigators who offer a variety of services including bodyguards in Los Angeles and private investigators in Orange County.  One of the areas of expertise for these Los Angeles private investigators is that of worker's compensation insurance investigations.  Recently, an SRG private detective in Los Angeles was able to uncover evidence for a company that one of its employs was fraudulently collecting payments under worker's compensation law.

    The company's owners became suspicious of the employee due to rumors that were circulating about how he was engaging in certain activities when he was supposed to be injured.  Further, the employee gave conflicting answers to certain questions and threatened to sue the company if he was not paid immediately for his injuries.  The company decided to hire Specialized Resource Group to look into the matter.  SRG sent a private investigator from Los Angeles to collect evidence.

    In a very short time, the California private investigator had enough evidence to stop the worker's compensation claim.  The employee was found to have engaged in very strenuous physical activities that would not have been possible if he had truly been injured.  The investigator was able to gather this information by personal observation as well as technology, including social media monitoring.

    Specialized Resource Group, located on the web at www.srg-pi.com, provides a number of services to clients throughout the state.  Whether clients need a private investigator in San Diego, security services in Los Angeles or bodyguards throughout California, Specialized Resource Group is available to help.  Clients receive professional service and transparent communication about all of the actions taken on their behalf as well as any evidence collected as the result of an investigation. 

    Whether clients need commercial or personal investigations, SRG can help.  Read more about SRG's work in California at www.srg-pi.com, and be sure to see the news article on child custody cases.

    About Specialized Resource Group:  Bud Adams and the investigators at Specialized Resource Group provide professional services as security guards in Los Angeles, bodyguards in Orange County and private investigators in Los Angeles and throughout California.  SRG provides not only security guard services and executive protection but also quality private investigators throughout California for all types of cases. 

    For More Information: www.srg-pi.com

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