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    Stackmines Now Offering Corelle Cookware

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    Stackmines, a well-known online retail company for kitchen products has introduced the new category – Corelle Cookware. Stackmines is currently offering around 20 products in the category and plans to add more in the times to come.

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    Stackmines, a Leesburg, VA based company today introduced a new category for customers across the globe – Corelle Cookware. The corelle dish patterns as offered by the company is extremely attractive and the product durable .The category includes a variety of products like Acrylic Canister Callaway Set, Microwave Set, Callaway Personal Tea Kettle and Corelle Splendor Bundle.

    Speaking to the media, the representative of the company said, “Yes, we have introduced a new segment called corelle cookware in our product category. Now our customers will have more varieties to choose from.” He further added, “We are planning to introduce many more useful and helpful products in the times to come”

    The online retail company known for its high quality kitchen products. The company has tied up with popular brands like Ballington, Concord, Cook Pro, Corelle, Imperial Home, Nordic Ware, Prime Pacific, Reston Lloyd, Romertopf and Universal Housewares among others. It offer a number of branded kitchen products like clay bakers, colanders, spoon rest, trays, utensil holders, canister jars, microwave sets, stainless steel, tea kettles, Corelle and cast iron among others.

    The website also allows the customers to purchase a gift certificate. Payment can be made via a secured payment gateway. Once the payment is done, the gift certificate is emailed to the recipient. Sources confirmed that Romertopf cookware tops the list of most sought after brands purchased via Stackmines online store. However, experts of the field are of the view that introduction of the new category can certainly mean rise of competition. The company is also offering free shipping on all order of $49 or more.

    About Stackmines Stackmines is a well-known online retail company known for providing beautiful, high quality and durable kitchen products to customers across the nation. The company offers a range of kitchen products and recently introduced a new product category - Corelle cookware to the list. Contact Information

    Christopher Lovos Contact Number: 1-888-312-0957 Email id: [email protected] Website: http://www.stackmines.com/

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