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    Texas Tamale Warehouse Announces Release of 2 New Delightfully Tasty Products

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    Tex-Mex tastes even better with Buffalo Tamales and Queso with Hatch Chilies

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    The Texas Tamale Warehouse has officially announced the release of their 2 new delightfully tasty products – Buffalo Tamales and Queso with Hatch Chilies. These 2 new products are sure to entice the interest of both regular and new customers who are trying to get new flavors to taste aside from the original tamales recipe. The products are sure to make people excited of the fact that they can try these flavors for their tamales recipes.

    Given that there are many people who are interested with tasting the creations from their original favorites, The Texas Tamale Warehouse made sure that they can provide this kind of preference for their guests. These products will give people the advantage of trying something new from what they used to eat.

    The flavors that The Texas Tamale Warehouse has to offer are Buffalo Tamales that can give all of the benefits of pure buffalo meat within great tasting tamale and the other flavor is the Queso with Hatch Chilies that can be perfectly matched with the perfect cheese dip or drizzle. This flavor can be considered as the new pair of great tasting tamales that are sure to make anyone’s taste buds happy. This will also provide anyone the advantage of just getting sets of tasty delicacies to enjoy whenever and wherever they want.

    Through the new additional flavors, people will be aware that The Texas Tamale Warehouse, the leading provider of various “just like homemade” tamales, is not only offering tamales flavors in Pork, Chicken, Beef, Jalapeno Cheese, Vegan Black Bean, Black Bean and Cheese and 13 other scrumptious flavors. Now, fans of the company’s products will have more flavors to rave about.

    The Texas Tamale Warehouse is known as the leading online retailer of various gourmet tamales and is specializing in catering ingredients in premium grade and deliciously unique tamales flavors to food lovers across the United States and also APO’s throughout the world.

    “Tamales that are guaranteed to keep your tastes buds happy!!”

    Lee Harper Texas Tamale Warehouse http://www.thetexastamalewarehouse.com 3000 Galvez Ave. #200 Fort Worth, TX 76111 [email protected] (888) 825-4113

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