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    UV Blocker Takes A Stand Against Skin Cancer With Revolutionary Umbrella

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    UV Blocker, a leading company in the fight against skin cancer, announces the release of a revolutionary umbrella made to protect skin from harmful UV rays. Their products are created using a uniquely patented Solarteck fabric that provides just the right amount of UV deflection to keep anyone safe in the sun.

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    A revolutionary new product presented by UV Blocker is a valuable weapon in the battle against skin cancer. The UV Umbrella was engineered to block the sun’s harmful UV rays from the skin by using a unique design featuring the patented Solarteck fabric.  These umbrellas afford outdoor lovers maximum enjoyment of activities under the sun without fear of damaging skin cells.

    Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer found within the United States of America.  UV Blocker was created in 2003 to address the burgeoning concern over skin cancer while maintaining quality of life.  Their products allow users the ability to enjoy a day on the beach, the park, or simply spending time in the sun without worry over skin damage.

    Ron Walker learned about the dangers of sun damage when first diagnosed with Melanoma.  He and fellow UV Blocker co-founder, Russ Coulon, wanted to spread the word about their revolutionary products developed to help others like Ron who were in the midst of a battle against skin cancer.  They have had a large amount of success in their goal of spreading the word through their sales of the UV Blocker umbrellas in the U.S. and worldwide.  Ron has said the following about his experience with cancer and the UV umbrella:

    "Now, I’m able to enjoy spending time on the beach with my grandkids without worrying about the sun’s harmful UV rays because I’m sitting under my UV Blocker umbrella."

    Ron's wife, Veronica - a registered nurse, also expressed her gratitude at how the UV Blocker umbrella gives her family the ability to enjoy spending time together on the beach while staying protected from more skin damage.  Not only does the UV Blocker umbrella keep the sun’s harmful rays at bay, it also keeps its owner 15 degrees cooler under direct sunlight in contrast to other users of regular umbrellas.  Protection against sun stroke and heat exhaustion is becoming an increasing concern given recent summers along with the increase in skin cancer cases.

    The World Health Organization estimated that 65,151 or more people die each and every year from sun exposure that later developed into malignant skin cancer.  UV Blocker wants all users of its products to take the extra step by using sunscreen, hats and sunglasses.  But above all, invest in a UV Blocker umbrella to maximize protection against skin cancer. Founders Ron and Russ know the benefit of diligence.

    The burden that skin cancer has left on UV Bocker co-founder Ron Walker is a tremendous one.  But the inspiration to spread the message of sun protection, shared by co-founder Russ Coulon and their families, far outweighs that burden.  Their UV Blocker umbrellas carry that message along with the hope that enjoying the sun won’t mean living in fear of it. For questions or concerns regarding the UV Blocker Umbrella or this press release, please use the contact information below.

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    Now, I’m able to enjoy spending time on the beach with my grandkids without worrying about the sun’s harmful UV rays because I’m sitting under my UV Blocker umbrella.
    - Ron Walker
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