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    Windsor Gold Partners: A Bright Future for Gold

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    Windsor Gold Partners, Ltd is a gold mining and extraction company lead by a team of qualified leaders and experts who view a bright future for Gold.

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    Windsor Gold Partners, Ltd Model

    Our focus is targeted and our objectives are defined. We plan to use a minimalist approach to obtain maximum returns while limiting our risks.

    WGP’s model is designed to make us a low cost producer of substantial quantities of gold by targeting high quality deposits where recovery plans can be clear and achievable. We have obtained rights to a property which meets our objectives. We have chosen to call this property and project Cascade Canyon. It is located in the State of Idaho in the Western United States.

    Minimalist Approach

    Minimalist Approach WGP’s management and advisory team defined and plan to designate several options for production via contractors and subcontractors. This approach minimizes risk of capital while placing material handling in the hands of seasoned experts. Shareholders, contractors, employees and those doing business with Windsor can expect this model to keep negative surprises to a minimum while capital will be carefully invested to obtain maximized results.

    Proprietary Technology

    Proprietary Technology WGP has limited exclusive rights to technologies which have been extensively tested on the Cascade Canyon material. The technology is a combination of known, tried and tested techniques which are commonly used in precious metals recovery. The technology is the intellectual property of its developer and is protected by proper contracts. The proprietary nature deals with several factors and variables involved in the application of traditional methods resulting in a new process of extraction which has been shown to successfully recover gold contained in the Cascade Canyon material.

    Why Gold

    World unrest, high levels of governmental debt, credit crisis and many other events of concern have and continue to raise doubts in many with regard to the stability of many currencies. Many investors and central banks are continuously acquiring and increasing their gold holdings as a hedge against the possibility of further value erosion in other investments in the future.


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    Trina Bray

    +1 (801) 428-3755


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